Asian Doll walks out of podcast following verbal altercations with host, Responds on Twitter

Asian Doll explains why she walked out of the studio after a verbal altercation with a host of the “Fresh and Fit” podcast.


Following a confrontation with the show’s co-host, Myron Gaines, Asian Doll left the Fresh & Fit podcast on Monday, January 3rd. Gaines, who is also known by his stage name “Fit”, was noticeably annoyed that Doll was chatting with one of the show’s attendees while other guests were talking.

“Guys, sidebar conversation, please. I’ve told you, you know this is like the fifth time I told you that, right? Like stop, for real, like stop,” said Myron, to which Doll replied: “He mean as f*ck.” This brief interaction was enough to make both sides irritated with one another.

The situation escalated when another co-host of the podcast defended Gaines, saying that he is not “mean”, rather it was Doll who was having sidebar chats throughout the broadcast, which seemed to be against the show’s guidelines.

“She has been doing it for the whole show, I am not mean as f*ck. I just have rules, simple,” said Gaines. This back and forth continued for a while with Doll calling Myron “mean a** ni**a.”  This appeared to be the final straw for the host, as he decided to interrupt the interview and tell the Dallas rapper to “get the f*ck off the show,” adding: “You’re not gonna come on the platform disrespecting me.”

The podcast proceeded for a time, however, Doll ultimately exited the studio, claiming:  “He’s hot, I am calm.”

Check out the clip below:

As the video of the rapper walking out the podcast went viral, Asian Doll took to Twitter to tell her side of the story.

“I was so calm yesterday cause I knew what he was tryna do.. Mr. Freddy cougar was Finna get beat down elm street off camera I’m thankful for the growth & self control & I’m happy I defended another black woman cause he was treating her sooooo bad ugh!”

She also replied, liked and retweeted couple posts by the fans who were defending her and saying that she “Kept her cool.” 

Check out the tweets below: