BREAKING: Police share WANTED picture of Young Dolph’s killer

Police are requesting assistance in locating Young Dolph’s Killer with a wanted poster.


Authorities just announced that the killer of Memphis rapper Young Dolph has been identified and is being wanted for murder.
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation tweeted a photo of one of the suspects, asking for help in finding him.

According to the Memphis Police Department and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the accused is a 23-year-old male, Justin Johnson.

After his account was found by individuals outside of his hometown, Justin Johnson’s Instagram traffic has surely increased. There are just a few postings on his page, but two of them were uploaded after Young Dolph was murdered. The money, clothes, and automobiles he flaunts in the photos, according to some people, are rewards for his terrible crime, however there are no actual proof of these claims.

But that’s not all,  a photo has surfaced on the internet, showing Johnson posing with Dolph, this interesting piece of information shows a possible deeper link that might provide additional light on the circumstances behind Dolph’s unfortunate death.

See the picture below:


Looks like Johnson is a local rapper, his stage name is “Straight Dropp.” Justin Johnson is on the TBI’s Most Wanted list, has links to organized crime, and is considered to be armed and dangerous. Police are offering up to 2500 USD as a reward.