The Weeknd releases new album ‘Dawn FM’ featuring Lil Wayne and Tyler, The Creator

Toronto’s star singer The Weeknd is back with a new album titled ‘Dawn FM’. 2020’s superhit album ‘After Hours”s follow-up, ‘Dawn FM’ is released on the first week of the year.

Unlike After Hours which had no guest appearances in the standard edition, Dawn FM has guest features from Lil Wayne, Tyler, The Creator, Quincy Jones, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Jim Carrey.

During an episode on his radio show ‘Memento Mori’, XO boss The Weeknd revealed that the record would have “exciting” features which he referred to as “characters” and that they would be “essential to the story” of the album.  Tyler, The Creator is featured on the song titled ‘Here We Go…..Again’ and Lil Wayne is on the track titled ‘I Heard You’re Married’.

Listen to both of the songs below:

Stream the full album below: