Joe Budden slams Eminem & Kendrick Lamar’s “Love Game”, Criticizes Eminem’s verses in other collaborations

Joe Budden says Eminem and Kendrick Lamar’s song “Love Game” is one of the “worst” collaborations out there. Claims that Eminem’s verses in features are way too long.


On January 18, Joe Budden uploaded the new episode of his podcast “Joe Budden TV” where he discussed Eminem’s verse in Cordae’s new album.

“I think that’s unfair though” responded Budden to his co-host who claimed that “Eminem can rap”.
“I think that is an unfair criticism… He’s been doing this sh*t. My beef is with the people who keep letting him do this on their songs.” Joe continued, “Shut that sh*t off! But you are not chopping Eminem off but you can’t rap for three minutes on my song, dog.” adding:  “See that’s just gonna be a consistent thing through this pod, rappers [Eminem] that you just never play around baddies.”

Joe went on to say that if Eminem continues to need musicians to stretch the beat for him whenever he gets on a feature, they should equal the duration he takes the mike.

“But I will say, that if you ask Em to come do your song, then maybe this is what you want him to do. Cause if the rappers keep letting him do this and extending the beat or he does it and sends it back and they just accept it then maybe you’re looking for this.”-He said

Budden also claimed that Lil Wayne would be that rapper who would match Em’s verse.

“Do that sh*t with Wayne, do that with somebody who’s gonna do it back. He can rap for five minutes on Wayne’s song, Wayne is never putting it out without Wayne rapping for six minutes, that would never happen. ‘Hey, rap all you want cause Imma do it too’. Do that there. Don’t do it with ni***s that are putting out 12s and 16s and 24s bars songs. What was that, the Nas’ album that he did that sh*t? It was one album where he just goes off.” 

Later, he slammed Kendrick Lamar and Eminem’s feature “Love Game,” claiming it is one of the “worst” records, saying:

“That Em and Kendrick record is high on the list of worst records ever made by two superstars,” adding: “It was a mess.”

Check out the episode below: