Wack 100 slams Bobby Shmurda for Twerking : “He lost his street credibility”

Wack 100 went in on Bobby Shmurda’s dance moves.

During his recent clubhouse session, Wack 100 heavily criticized ‘Shmoney’ rapper Bobby Shmurda for dancing on his music videos. Wack 100 said referring to Bobby’s release last year “When that n*gga came out he was supposed to let something go, I don’t know what the f*ck he’s doing” Wack 100 continued mocking him “he’s {Bobby] going double wood, on top of that he lost his street cred”.

After being released last year Shmurda is going viral mostly for his dance moves whether it’s on Instagram, music video, or live shows. Bobby’s recent collaboration with Quavo ‘Shmoney’ created a new dance trend on Tik-Tok, so far it’s the only single of his to create some buzz since his release.

Watch Wack 100 criticizing Bobby Shmurda below: