21 Savage’s manager reveals shocking fact about the cost of Drake feature

When it comes to working with Drake, 21 Savage’s manager claims that money has never been an issue.


For feature verses, most rappers take a fee. A lot of musicians advertise how much a collab with them costs. To some, the price is a measure of their “clout”. However, this is not the case for all rappers. Some artists believe that just being on a track is enough to increase their worth and some just do it for pure enjoyment. Seems like 21 Savage is one of those rappers.

The Atlanta rapper’s manager, Justin “Meezy” Williams, recently gave a Clubhouse interview to Druski, in which he discussed feature fees in the music industry and how it is not a priority for 21.

“A lot of artists, they are low-key peers bro, so s-t just be happening naturally. A n—a might be in the studio, and somebody asks, ‘Hey, can you do this song?’ And it happens, because they f-k with each other, so they aren’t gonna talk about money.”  Meezy revealed while talking about the feature fees.

Justin also claimed that 21 Savage has never swapped money with Drake and Young Nudy while working on tracks together, saying:

“Most of the time like, when you bring up Drake or even if Nudy got a song, ain’t nobody is even thinking about no paperwork if Savage gets on something. Or if Savage sends Nudy something, ain’t nobody thinking about the paperwork. We know that is going to get handled, whatever. Swap, knock it out, sign the s-t because it’s relationship-based, a lot of times it’s like that.”

Meezy also acknowledged that purchasing features may be a focus at the early stages of the career, which is a way of getting traction.

“Like when you’re starting off, cool, you might have to do that,” but for the most part, as he claimed, making a feature is “relationship-based.”

Following the conversation, Druski asked Justin: “Be honest real quick,  does Drake got a feature price?” That’s when Meezy revealed that he has never charged 21 for a collaboration.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I think where he’s at, he is just choosing who he f-ks with, cause I know anything we have ever done with him, there has never been any money involved, ever. I think that’s how he moves, I don’t even think you can pay for that to be real.”

He went on to say that it is unusual for 21 Savage to work in the studio with other rappers, claiming that nowadays, most of the features are done separately.

 “It’s rare for artists to be in the studio doing songs together these days,” said Meezy. “I just feel like when everybody is in the studio together that’s when n—as listening to the beats and f-ng off.”

Meezy also revealed that he would personally like to see 21 doing a feature with Jay-Z and Ari Lennox. Saying:

“I really would love Ari Lennox to hook with Savage on his R&B s-t, one of them love songs. And obviously Jay-Z, that is like the ultimate stamp.” adding, “I can’t really think of nobody else, we pretty much got everybody we f-k with.”

Listen to the full interview HERE