Conway says he regrets calling Eminem fans “Nerds” while freestyling over Kanye’s “Jail,” Expresses his love for Em & Ye

In a new freestyle over Kanye and Jay-Z’s track, “Jail,” Conway rapped about regretting referring to Eminem fans as “nerds.” Showed his love for both, Marshall and Ye.


The New York rapper has been working on his Shady Records debut album, “God Don’t Make Mistakes,” which is set to be released on February 25th, 2022.

Conway recently posted a video of himself freestyling over Kanye West and Jay-Z’s new track, “Jail,” in which he discusses his ties with Eminem and Kanye.

During the freestyle, the 39-year-old rapper admits that words he made about Eminem fans made him feel terrible. To refresh your memory, Conway referred to Em’s fans as “nerds” on Vlad TV in 2019, saying,

“They are a bunch of nerds and stans that do not understand me or relate to what I bring to the table.” He then added, “It is just like, ‘F**k all that, where’s Em? We want an Eminem album!’ I still have not really experienced it fully either, because like I said, that record just came out a couple of days ago.”

It appears that the interview may have caused some tension between him and Shady. In a new freestyle, Conway raps:

“Would you love me if you knew the old me?/ Would you love me before the bag, before the rollie/ Before I signed a deal with Shady with the rollie/ Speaking of Shady, man, after my interview I did with Vlad I felt awful/ But I learned you got to watch what you say in interviews, it could cost you.” 

Following this lines, Conway also implied that his connection with Kanye might be stronger than the relationship he has with Em.

“One could say my relationship is better with Ye than with Marshall/ But I still ain’t nothing bad to ever say about Marshall/ Just keepin’ it funky, I am thankful for Marshall/ Man, I am thankful for Tracy and Paul too,”  he rapped.

Conway and Kanye West recently collaborated on the song “Keep My Spirit Alive,” which is featured on Ye’s new album Donda.

Check out the freestyle below: