Kanye West responds to Jay Electronica asking him to include his verse on “Eazy” remix

Jay Electronica shares screenshot of his DMs with Kanye West, regarding the possibility of dropping a verse on the “Eazy” remix.


Everyone wants to be a part of the Donda era. Kanye has had a fantastic season, with his most recent album becoming a massive hit. It hasn’t been long since the release of Donda Deluxe, which features a total of 32 songs and is over 2 hours long, and Kanye is already cooking up the sequel.

Not only has Ye been releasing tons of music, but he’s been included in almost every festival and now is set to perform at Coachella. The rapper has been booked as the headliner for the event’s third night.

Donda 2 has been in the works for a while and is set to be released this year. Now, according to Jay Electronica, we can expect him and Ye to collaborate again.

The Louisiana rapper shared a video recording of his and Kanye’s DMs, with the song “Eazy” playing in the background, indicating that he will most likely be included in the Donda sequel.

Electronica texted Ye on January 13, as shown in the video at the bottom of the article, writing:

“We got more music to make.”

“Donda 2 starting now”– Kanye replied.

“Let me get my oven mitts and cooking spoon out,” wrote Jay the next day

Following the DMs, Ye released a new song called “Eazy” featuring The Game, and Electronica immediately expressed his desire to “put a verse on it.”

“You pushed that f*chink E A Z Y verse”, Jay wrote, “I wanna put a verse on it. Lol.” 

“Let’s gooooooo,” replied the Chicago rapper.

See the video below:

Besides Jay, we can also expect MoneyBagg Yo to hop on the sequel. The Memphis rapper also shared a screenshot of his texts with Ye, which reveals that Kanye is ready to “lock in with him on Donda 2”

See the screenshot below: