Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd Arrested for battery, Girlfriend responds to domestic violence claims

Slim Jxmmi, from the hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd, was detained in Miami a few hours ago after reportedly assaulting his partner, with whom he has a son.

According to TMZ, Slim’s girlfriend claims that the two began arguing after she questioned him about a female he follows on Twitter. Slim Jxmmi is accused of assaulting his child’s mother, smashing down a door, and yanking off her hair extensions in the process. According to authorities, Jxmmi was booked for abuse in Miami on Tuesday morning. The 30-year-old rapper is accused of battery.

The police statement reveals, Slim left the house immediately after the altercation and returned a moment later drunk. Slim grabbed the victim’s hair so forcefully that her extension was pulled from her scalp as she tried to put their sleeping child to bed, according to the alleged victim. Following the incident, Slim’s girlfriend tried to record the abuse but was unsuccessful, after which she decided to lock herself in a separate room. Jxmmi was more annoyed by his girlfriend’s actions, he knocked down the door, took away her phone, and threw it out of the balcony, so she couldn’t post the clip she managed to record in a short time. The phone was later found on the streets near their home by the police.

In the arrest report, the incident is described:

“The victim’s hair extension was pulled from her scalp in the process. The victim then grabbed her phone to record the situation, which made [Slim Jxmmi] upset. [Slim] began chasing after the victim to take the phone from her but she kept running around the house to avoid him.” 

The police report, also states that Slim’s girlfriend managed to send the video of the abuse to her friend via Instagram but there is no news about the clip being recovered.

After the news broke about Jxmmi’s arrest, his girlfriend delivered a public statement in which she rejected all claims of domestic abuse.

She posted a statement on her Instagram account which reads:

“Oh wow.. this is cap. Dade Country Y’all are wrong fro this. I told you guys he did not hit me. Every officer you guys had in my face are wrong for this. No hands were put on anybody, I stated it more than once. It was a loud argument and the police were called. You guys turn nothing into something. It’s our son’s first birthday tomorrow, what’s wrong with y’all?”

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The post’s comments have been disabled. There has been no word on whether Slim Jxmmi has been freed and both their representatives have remained silent about the matter.