Dr. Dre reveals plans for Super Bowl halftime show, discusses the setlist, lineup & more

Dr. Dre discusses the setlist for the Super Bowl and reveals what’s planned for the halftime show


Last week, January 20, the lineup for the Super Bowl LVI halftime show was announced. The list broke the internet as it features superstars like Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg. Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige. The teaser for the show, which was directed by F. Gary Gray, titled “The Call,” has received over 9 million views on Pepsi’s YouTube channel.

The 52-year-old film director discussed collaborating with Dr. Dre and the process of developing the halftime teaser, saying:

“Each time I collaborate with Dre, it seems to mark an important moment in entertainment history. From projects like Friday, Set It Off, Straight Outta Compton, to now the Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show, As a super fan, I consider it an honor and privilege to authentically build and create this moment with five of the most legendary artists in music history. It has been a blast!”

The Pepsi brand will be celebrating its 11th year as the Halftime Show’s headline sponsor.

Recently, Dr. Dre joined BigBoy on a call to discuss how he came up with the lineup for this massive event and what are the plans for the show.

Dr. Dre on how crucial it is for artists in the hip-hop industry to be headlining one of the world’s biggest events.

“It’s really exciting, several people were banging me over the head about it, Snoop being one of them, about doing the show,” revealed Dre. “I still am extremely nervous about it, but I’m excited about it at the same time. We’ve been working hard to put together a fantastic show. It is the first time they’re allowing hip-hop artists to headline the Super Bowl and we’re getting ready to go at it and we know we are going to open the door for other hip-hop artists to be able to do Super Bowl Halftime shows in the future.”

Dre went into detail regarding the performance, revealing how long it would go and whether or not they already had a setlist for the night.

“Normally, they are allowing eleven minutes [for the performance] but they gave us north of 13 minutes to do our thing,” he said. “Because of the lack of time, it makes it kind of easy [to select songs for the performance]. We’re just gonna go right to the hits to heavy hitters, get in, have a great time up there, excite the fans, excite the people and get out. This is probably going to be a springboard for some of the things that are gonna happen in the future that we have planned.”

BigBoy also asked him about the specific songs he will be performing himself to which Dre answered:

“We all got together and everybody’s really comfortable with the song selection. We know exactly what we are gonna do. We have an amazing music director, Adam Blackstone, He’s over the top with it.  Everybody’s really excited about the song selection. It’s time for the rehearsals to start.”

Dr. Dre on how he came up with the lineup for the show.

“Of course, it was difficult Big [to choose artist for the show] but we can’t [have more people] because of the lack of time,” he said. “We’re here. Everybody’s really excited about it and I think the artists that didn’t get a chance to perform with us are gonna appreciate it as well.”


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The 2022 Super Bowl will take place at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 13. This will be the 56th Super Bowl event in history. It will be broadcasted on NBC.

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