NLE Choppa fires back at YB with new freestyle, Discusses his fight at airport, Explains why he dislikes King Von diss, & more

NLE Choppa recently appeared on Funk Flex where he did a freestyle allegedly responding to NBA YoungBoy dissing him

NBA YoungBoy recently released a new track called, “Bring The Hook” where the Louisiana rapper who is sasha obama dating. The lyrics go:

“Ni**a, this that Squid Game, O’Block pack get rolled up/ Mu*der what they told us, Atlanta boy get fold up.”

The line soon become controversial, with young rappers claiming it was disrespectful and unnecessary. Lil Reese and NLE Choppa were among those who spoke up about the diss. Following the release of the song, DJ Akademiks tweeted:

“NBA Youngboy on demon time rn … sheesh. N he dropping a whole tape Friday.” To which Reese commented:

“That ain’t no demon time he just rapping like the rest of these rappers all rap.” 

NLE jumped into the conversation, replying to Reese’s tweet saying: “I stamp that.”

Check out the tweets below:

From there the ‘beef’ between YB and NLE has been taking over the internet.  In an interview with ‘Hot Freestyle,’ Choppa said that glorifying someone’s death was a “snake move.” 

See the clip below:

Soon after the interview, dating a man 20 years older

“Ayy, I bet your momma be destroyed, ni**a/ When we send your stupid ass to God/ For makin’ statements, choosing’ sides/ About my beef with them lil’ boys/ I could say I saw it, you could say I was your favorite, ni**a.”

Finally, Choppa is responding to the diss with the new freestyle. The 19-year-old rapper appeared on Funk Flex where he delivered the following lines:

“Beef with who? I don’t beef unless there’s blood in the streets/ I don’t beef unless my money and my bank don’t meet/ When it’s beef, 9 milli in my hand when I sleep.”  

He also made a reference to the fight he recently had with a fan at the airport, saying:

“Flip-flops when I fight the only time I’m slippin’/ Next fan run-up on me get the clip till its empty/ I won’t stop until it’s finished.” 

Listen to the Freestyle below:

On the same day, NLE Choppa pulled up on DJ Akademiks’ “Off The Record” podcast, discussing his relationship with NBA Youngboy, why he has an issue with the King Von diss, and what actually happened at the airport that led him to get into a fight.

NLE Choppa talking about his beef with YB and why he has a problem with him dissing King Von.

Choppa discussed Lil Reese’s tweet, which we previously mentioned, claiming that he “barely read” the statement before replying to it and that all he meant to do was show his appreciation for King Von.

“K-Von, that was my brother”, said NLE. “It was never with me picking a side. Honesty bro, I barely read what Lil Reese said, I barely really read what he said. I just knew what he was saying was siding with my boy Von. If you were to ask me what Lil Reese tweeted, I wouldn’t have been able to speak it word-for-word.” He also added: “At the end of the day, that wasn’t the purpose behind it. Being on the side or just trying to be in some sh*t, it was just off the simple fact that brother [King Von] don’t be able to defend his name. I just feel like, with street stuff, if you did it, if that was your work, if you did all this and do that, speak freely of it. Speak highly of it. You’ve got every right to do it. That was your sh*t, that was your work, do it! But, like, certain stuff be coming from the outsiders and like, that was not even there when certain sh*t happened. I just do not respect that part of it.”

See the clip below:


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Following this discussion, NLE talked about what his relationship is like with YB, commenting on NBA’s lyrics where he claimed that Choppa was his biggest fan.

“I’m never no hater,” he said. “That used to be all I used to bump. It’s just certain stuff happened in the mix of all that when you blow up and you start to see how everything is and how everything works. That’s when stuff gets altered. I ain’t never say he [YB] wasn’t [my favorite]. He was, but that’s not how stuff is, now.”

See the video below:

NLE Choppa Explains what happened at the airport that got him into a physical fight with a fan

During the interview, NLE talked about the viral video of him getting into a physical altercation at the airport last week. The Memphis rapper denied the claims that the person he argued with was a YB fan.

“I’m just in my own f*cking world, I’m listening to music,” said Choppa. He revealed that the fight happened after he went to the bathroom, “I was walking out the restroom, I had my airphones in, as you can see, I had my hoodie on because I like to be low-key. I like to chill when I’m in the airport. That’s like the time when I don’t really want too much attention on me.”

NLE explained that the guy was calling his name, but he was unable to hear him because of the headphones. The 19-year-old rapper claimed that the fan was trying to get his attention and that’s why he got physical. “He came to me as a fan, I could tell, I could really tell he was a fan. That’s why I tried to de-escalate [the situation]…  But he jumped at me and I’m like ‘what the f*ck’ and I just look at him and like, for a split second I’m thinking, ‘man, should I pop on this ni**a.” Choppa did throw a punch at a fan, and explained that the only reason he took a swing was because he didn’t want to get “sucker-punched” from behind.

“I just feel like if I were to turn my back and walked off, he would have sucker-punched me or did whatever. So I just went ahead and popped it out cause where I’m from you are gonna go do your sh*t.”

NLE further clarified that the person was not a YB fan, as reported by media sources.

“He wasn’t a YounBoy fan,” told the Memphis rapper to Akademiks. “That’s why I hate the media  because they twist sh*t up.” 

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You can listen to the full episode below: