50 Cent, Joseph Sikora & Drew Barrymore send Eminem another special video

50 Cent, Drew Barrymore and Joseph Sikora send Eminem another video from the show while eating Mom’s Spaghetti 

It wasn’t a long ago 50 Cent and Drew Barrymore decided to send Eminem a video from live TV. Fifty appeared as a guest on The Drew Barrymore Show in October 2021, when his friendship with Eminem was put to the test. Drew asked the New Your rapper if they could send Eminem a selfie video and immediately, her wish was granted.

“Yeah, we are on live TV. This big dog status stuff going on here… And look, I am sending you videos with really hot, attractive women in them. You need to send me something back. I’d like to see a video in return”– says Fifty in the video

See the clip below:

Soon, Fifty put out a post on his Instagram to reveal Eminem’s reaction to the video. He captioned a photo sequence from his presence on the show with:

“Eminem text me and was like hey I know I’m late to the party. I just saw The Drew Barrymore Show. Bro, you are crazy, only you would do something like that. LOL.”

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50 Cent returned to The Drew Barrymore Show yesterday (Feb. 2) with actor Joseph Sikora, and the three of them sent another video to Eminem while eating Mom’s Spaghetti.

“The last time Curtis(50 Cent) was here actually, we made a video for Eminem and sent it to him and I was wondering if maybe we could keep the tradition alive and the three of us could send a video to him today,” said Drew, after which she gave Fifty and Joseph Eminem’s famous Mom’s Spaghetti noodles and they recorded a video for Slim Shady.

“Em, I’m here on Drew Barrymore Show, I’m eating spaghetti on Drew Barrymore Show… and I shall remind you, you owe me big time,” said Fifty.

Joseph also joined in, saying: “I am Joseph Sikora, I’m his [50 Cent’s] second favorite white boy.” 

Watch the video below: