Bobby Shmurda savagely responds to Wack 100’s “losing street cred” claims

In a new interview with No Jumper’s Adam 22, Bobby Shmurda has fired back at Wack 100, who last month claimed that cause of twerking Bobby has lost his street cred.

Bobby made it clear that’s not going to argue with anyone about his dancing then addressing Wack 100’s allegations Shmurda said: “Gangsta will do what the f— i wanna do”. He sarcastically asked Adam 22 “what does Wack 100 do? The Hip Hop Love n*gga? He do podcasts? Wack’s nothing to talk about. Why would I want to talk about Wack 100? I made a million last week!”

Wack 100 went on a rant in Clubhouse last month as he argued that Bobby Shmurda is losing street cred “When that n*gga came out he was supposed to let something go, I don’t know what the f*ck he’s doing” said Wack 100 targetting Bobby’s dancing.

After the Adam 22 interview went viral, Wack 100 shared the clip on his Instagram with the caption “Dam @adam22 you let @itsbobbyshmurda Diss me like that? Man I’m booking dance classes now. #GangstasDontDanceWeBoogie”

Watch the full clip below: