[Video] DaBaby and Crew jumps Dani Leigh’s brother , Dani Leigh reacts

A viral clip has come out a few hours where it can be seen DaBaby and his ex-singer Dani Leigh’s brother whose name is Brandon Bills involved at a bowling alley.

According to several reports the incident took place late at night during producer London On Da Track’s party at a bowling alley. In the viral clips, it can be seen DaBaby beating down Brandon, and then the rapper’s crew jumps him.

After the incident, Dani Leigh took to her Instagram story ( which is now deleted), as she wrote “Lame as hell, running up on my brother on some slippery as floor with 5/6 of ya boys while he’s by himself and not even touching him. Lame and so sad!I pray this stops now because this is my family and I got a daughter to raise. Sad” .

DaBaby and Dani Leigh broke up a year ago, since the ex-couple have involved in a live incident in November which ended up being Dani charged with assault.

Meanwhile, Dani’s brother also took to his Instagram and wrote about the bowling alley incident by claiming he’s ready for a one on one. Check out the clips and IG posts below: