Kanye threatens to cancel his Coachella performance unless Billie Eilish apologizes to Travis Scott

Kanye West is unhappy with Billie Eilish and says that he will pull out of Coachella until she makes an apology to Travis Scott, Billie Responds

On Saturday night, Billie Eilish paused her Atlanta show to check on a fan who was having difficulty breathing. The 20-year-old singer was in the middle of a Happier Than Ever, The World Tour performance when she spotted a fan struggling to breathe.

Eilish stopped the concert to ensure that the person was taken care of. “Do we have an inhaler,” she asked. Later, Billie added: “I wait for the people to be okay before I keep going.” this particular phrase was taken as a jab at Travis Scott who hosted one of the deadliest events in 2021.

Kanye, who was just named as a headliner for Coachella 2022, was irritated by Billie’s supposed attack towards his good friend Travis Scott. Ye has shown Travis a lot of love in the past several weeks, especially because Travis was the only one that gave Kanye the address to his daughter’s birthday party.

The Chicago rapper rushed to Instagram to express his feelings about this specific moment from Billie’s show.

“Come on Billie we love you. Please apologize to Trav and to the families of the people who lost their lives,” Kanye wrote in his post. “No one intended this to happen Trav didn’t have any idea of what was happening when he was on stage and was very hurt by what happened ” Kanye also revealed that Travis Scott is planning on appearing ar Coachella with him. “Yes, Trav will be with me at Coachella but now I need Billie to apologize before I perform,” wrote Ye

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Kanye West, Billie Eilish, and Harry Styles will headline Coachella 2022, according to Billboard, with Swedish House Mafia also returning on the festival’s stage.

A few hours after Kanye posted that, Eilish, who is also the headliner at Coachella this year, replied in the comments, writing, “Literally never said a thing about Travis. Was just helping a fan.”

Kanye has been utilizing Instagram to express himself. First, the Chicago rapper slammed his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, about parenting concerns related to his daughter’s TikTok use, but he eventually deleted all of the postings. The rapper then shared a photo collage of Kim and their children, expressing his desire to reunite with his family.

Despite the fact that Ye has been all over the place recently, one thing is certain: the 44-year-old rapper is not scared to talk freely and be himself.

Just an hour ago, Kanye uploaded a screenshot of a comment criticizing him, that reads:

“Man’s off the meds album gonna go crazy” This statement has been used frequently in reference to Ye. People have referred to him as insane multiple times for the things he says.

Kanye wrote in response to this remark:

“The world is racist, sexist, homophobic, and crazy phobic at our core. It’s cheap and dismissive to say I’m off my meds anytime I speak up. Phobia in this sense doesn’t mean being afraid of, it means not giving power to. Let’s be more conscious and not write each other off so easily.”

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