Kanye West is worried that Pete may get Kim Kardashian ‘hooked on drugs’

Kanye West has been taking shots at his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her current partner Pete Davidson for the past few months.


Ye found that the best approach for him to utilize Instagram is to express his opinions on everything that is going on in his life and around the globe. The creator of “Donda” isn’t backing down; he’s spoken up about his concerns about Kim’s parenting and other issues, but Kanye’s main target, for the time being, appears to be Kim’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Recently the messages between the SNL comedian and Kanye West have become public. The conversations surfaced after Ye released numerous since-deleted videos in which he claimed his ex-wife is refusing him access to their children. In the same videos, Kanye accused Pete of texting him and “bragging about being in bed” with Kim.

You can check out the released messages between two stars below:

Kanye appears to have no intention of slowing down. He’s been digging for information on the SNL star and continues to publicly criticize both Kim and Pete. Ye just shared another post in which he claims Pete Davidson is a risk to his family. Kanye uploaded a screenshot of a fan’s comment, which reads:

“The way Skete used Kim’s marital status to address Kanye was a sneak diss towards her and she didn’t even catch it.”

This is in response to the leaked messages between Pete and Kanye, in which the 28-year-old comedian texted Kanye claiming he was “in bed with your [Kanye’s] wife” while texting. It is worth mentioning that at the time, Kim was no longer Ye’s wife as the divorce had been finalized.

Ye responded to a fan’s comment by expressing his own feelings about the matter, noting that Davidson’s influence on his ex-wife is concerning.

“I’m really concerned that SKETE will get my kids mom hooked on drugs. He is in rehab every 2 months,” wrote Kanye.

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