Julio Foolio compares NBA Young Boy & Lil Durk with Tupac & Biggie

Over the past few years, the tension between Louisana-based Rapper NBA Young Boy and Chicago’s own Lil Durk has been rising. It has become a beef between the two current rap stars’ crew as well. Durk’s OTF members and Young Boy’s 4KT gang have been exchanging words on social media amid both rappers’ ongoing beef. The hip-Hop genre isn’t strange to the beef between superstars, as we had Tupac and Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas among others throughout history. Many kinds of beef could get squashed as time passed but we had to lose icons like Biggie and Pac in the late 90s.

Jacksonville rapper Julio Foolio has touched down on this topic in his latest interview with Bootleg Kev where he claims “I think this is biggest like how Tupac and that s*** was. Cause you got everybody responding, everybody making songs, everybody putting their two cents in, everybody picking sides. There’s blackballing going on.” Julio referred to OTF member King Von’s death last year by saying “there’s a lot going on, people are dyin“.

NBA Youngboy has previously taken multiple shots at Foolio Julio, on one of his songs ‘Play Wit Us’ he called out Foolio by taking his name “Foolio let that hammer bust, slip one time and you bite the dust/That’s when you n—a die.

Last year in a sit down with  DJ Vlad, Foolio blamed Young Boy’s crew for him being in jail “I be watching him sometimes, and that’s [because] his circle is full of like, Yes Men. So they not gone tell him if he wrong. With my circle right now, they gon tell me when I’m right and when I’m wrong. Like, ‘You don’t need to post that….That’s extra…Just calm down.”.