2 Chainz talks about Dr. Dre wanting him to rap on Eminem’s level

2 Chainz takes a little break from his smash program “Most Expensive” to get down and exchange stories with the Drink Champs!


During a three-hour interview, Tity Boi discussed his career, his new album and collaborations with Lil Wayne, Statik Selektah, and Justin Bieber, explained why he quit Ludacris’ music company, and recalled his personal experience with Dr. Dre.

Chainz revealed that he had worked with Dre on a song, “I worked with Dre, it’s not out,” he said. The Atlanta rapper got into details about their studio session revealing a funny encounter they had.

“I went to Dre’s crib, I was rapping and it was little funny cause I was getting little frustrated because, you know like, I don’t know, I am country, I am from Atlanta,” he said. According to the story, Dre expected far more from Chainz than he was delivering at the time, the 44-year-old rapper revealed:
“I told him, ‘Look, you know, I’m not like a white boy from Detroit. I ain’t f*cking have like…Because he was stopping me like ‘Nah…’ You know, I’m trying to rap but he is a perfectionist and It is the reason he’s f**king who he is.”

Chainz talked about the difference between his and Dre’s work style: “I am somebody that can probably do two or three songs in one night. But with him [Dr. Dre]  it would probably take months to do that, because of the process of just getting one verse down and making sure you enunciate things and make sure its clear.” He also added:

“He is just a perfectionist on how he does things. I think my accent and my annunciation was like [a problem]. He was just trying to tell me like..[how to do things]. I was really like receptive to it though, I wasn’t like bucking or nothing, but I did say like ‘Let me just clear this up, you know I’m from Atlanta right? I’m not gonna sound like the bro you have been working with.” 

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