Latto says Male Rapper wanted to sleep with her in return for a guest verse on the album

Atlanta-based rapper Latto has revealed a controversial confrontation with a male artist during her recent sit down with Big Boy Neighborhood. 23-year-old femcee claimed that a male artist wasn’t clearing his feature on Latto’s upcoming album cause she didn’t respond to his message on Instagram asking for a sexual favor in return.

It’s a feature on my album was difficult to clear and they like tryna drop their nuts on me because i won’t respond to a DM“. Latto also confirmed that said artist is still on the album “Just because i love the song so much and i had to turn it in. So i didn’t really have a choice I was backed into a corner like bullied.” She also went ahead and appealed to the female artists to speak up on this matter:

I wish more female artists would speak up on stuff cause i know the label they say like don’t do bad business. Man these folks be tryna drop nuts on female Rappers I’m not gon shut up about it. We tolerate too much we think like oh well that just comes with the game being a female Rapper. No, it shouldn’t though!” Latto made it clear.


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Big Boy tried to ask the name of the said artist but Latto said she will tell him off the camera. Latto’s upcoming album titled ‘777’ is set to release this Friday and a lead single featuring 21 Savage was released a couple of weeks ago. Latto has made it clear that Savage wasn’t the said artist.

In her recent tweets, Latto has stated “I’m going through a lot with this album I hope I’m able to share with y’all what really goes on…I feel like I’ve been stripped of my excitement… ppl have taken big moments away from me and it’s fckd up… it’s hard to celebrate my first tour & new album right now

Watch the full interview below: