Joyner Lucas calls out Machine Gun Kelly , warns he will diss him harder than Eminem

Joyner Lucas seems to be unhappy with his placement in Lollapalooza Festival’s flier that was published yesterday. Joyner tweeted out his disappointment on Twitter, where he called out the festival for placing him so low that he has to use a microscope to find his name.

All I know is @lollapalooza better take my f-kin name off that flier. I ain’t agree to that lineup and I don’t want that weak ass” wrote Joyner asking the festival to be off the performer’s list.

Joyner did not stop his rant and went to call out one of the headliners of the festival, Machine Gun Kelly as he posted the pic of punk rock/rapper where he mocked him. “Then you got this goofy ass ni**a headlining? Smh how sway?” said Joyner in regards to Machine Gun Kelly’s name among the top headliners such as J. Cole, Metallica, Green Day, Lil Baby.

He also warned MGK fans who were trolling him, that don’t try him cause he will diss the rapper turner punk Rockstar harder than Eminem. “maaaaannnn listen. Lol What my brother Marshall did to this nigga @machinegunkelly is light compared to what’s waiting if he wanna walk down that street wit me. Ain’t nobody worried bout a nigga who paints his nails.foh” said Joyner referring to Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem’s infamous beef in 2018 when both Rappers aimed at each other, as MGK responded to Eminem’s shots in his album Kamikaze by releasing one of his biggest hit song ‘Rap Devil’ and then Eminem fired back by  ‘KillShot’.

Lollapalooza Festival is scheduled to take place in Chicago this July from 28th to 31st. Till now it’s not clear if Lollapalooza will take off Joyner Lucas’ name from their performers line-up. Check out Joyner’s rant below: