Lil Durk shocks the podcast hosts with his feature price

Lil Durk reveals how much he charges for a feature and says he’s got receipts.


Lil Durk recently appeared on Full Send Podcast where the 29 year-old rapper talked about the importance of the social media in hip-hop industry, named his top three rappers and discussed the possibilities of collaborating with one of the biggest names in the industry.

Around half an hour into the interview, the Chicago rapper was asked about his feature price. Keep in mind that Lil Durk has had a terrific year and a half, producing numerous outstanding albums including ‘The Voice’ back in 2020 and his most recent release ‘7220’. Right now, the rapper is one of the most in-demand features. Lil Durk has previously discussed the cost of his feature, estimating a figure of $200,000. However, it appears that the price has gone up since then.

The co-host of the Full Send Podcast asked Durk how much he would charge him for a feature now. The rapper emphasized that the price is dependent on the relationship he has with the person, but in general, he set the bar at $350K.

“I ain’t gonna lie, I gotta go $350K,” said Durk. He also added that he’s got the receipts, “You got to have receipts. Because somebody could come up here and just a lie to boost their sales but we’ve got receipts.”

The young rapper also revealed that he has done a free feature before and that he would do it again if he likes someone or has a close relationship with them: “[I’ll do a feature for free] If I like you, or if I like your music,” he said.

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