Pusha T reveals why he posted picture of Lana Del Rey covered in white powder

Pusha T has been working on a new album for quite some time. The 44-year-old rapper has been teasing fans for weeks by dropping clues and posting things all over his social media platforms.

In January, Pusha shared a video that showed Lana Del Rey’s photograph coated in white powder while he was rapping along his new single, ‘Diet coke’. According to the Pigeons & Planes twitter account, the picture is from Lana’s 2017 “Lust For Life” photoshoot.

See the picture below:

Many fans were taken aback by the post, believing that the rapper was hinting to a collaboration between two musicians. Until now, neither of the artists has commented on the image.

Finally, while talking to Rolling Stone, Pusha-T explained the meaning of the post, saying:

“Musically, I think Lana Del Rey speaks to the same subject matter, but just on different ends of it. You can hear remnants of drug indulgence and addiction. So it is like, ‘Man, why not?’ I thought it made sense.” 

Pusha T relating to Lana Del Rey’s music is another reason to believe that these two will cook something up together. Since not a lot of details are revealed about the rapper’s upcoming project, many fans assumed that the picture of Lana Del Rey’s photograph covered in white powder was gonna be the cover of Pusha’s much anticipated fourth studio album.

When asked about the collaboration between him and Lana, The New York rapper said:

“One of the heads of Interscope called right after the picture came out and asked me to get on a remix. I forgot which song, but I am still waiting for them to send it over.” 

You can read the full interview HERE

Even though there have been little updates on Pusha’s future album, he’s still coming up with inventive methods to keep his fans on edge. The rapper recently appeared on the YouTube show called, ‘Hot Ones’ where he discussed his process of making music.

“I Just feel like, my brand is all about creating masterpieces and I do not know if masterpieces get churned out every six months, or every nine months. Or every year, actually. Some good music can come from it but I am very specific on what it is that I’m trying to create. What I am trying to make,” he said.

Check out the full interview below: