Doja Cat announces she’s quitting music “This sh*t ain’t for me, I’m out”

Doja Cat has been trending on Twitter after she got into an argument with fans and announced her plans to quite music.


Doja was heavily criticized for not showing enough love to her Paraguayan fans. The Kiss Me More singer is currently on tour. Due to a major storm, the 26-year-old performer was forced to cancel her gig in Paraguay. In a now-deleted tweet, the California rapper wrote:

“There was a storm in Paraguay, the show got canceled. When I left the next morning, there wasn’t one person outside the hotel waiting for me. Let that sink in.” This tweet attracted a lot of anger. Doja then wrote about her show in Brazil, which drew even more wrath from Paraguayan fans, leading the musician to announce her retirement from music for good.

Earlier today (March 25) Doja got into a little back-and-forth with some of her fans on Twitter. One of the users called the rapper: “the number one enemy of Paraguay”, writing: “It’s too late to apologize,” to which Doja responded: “I am not sorry.”

Another Twitter user joined the conversation, writing: “Doja, you’re not going to win this fight against the Paraguayans.” to which the The Planet Her singer relied: “I moved on. I’m just gonna let everybody be mad.”

Later, she revealed that she will no longer pose for photos with fans, writing: “I am not taking pictures again with anybody else after this tour.”

Following this sequence of tweets, the rapper did another gig in Brazil, which, according to her, did not go as planned. Following the performance, the California rapper tweeted:

“I don’t think I gave Brazil a good enough show tonight at all and I’m sorry for that but thank you guys for coming out. I love you and thank god we got another show tomorrow I promise I’ll do better.”

Shortly after, Doja responded to another fan who wondered where her humility was, to which the 26-year-old rapper relied:

“It’s gone and I don’t give a f*ck anymore I f*ckin quit. I can’t wait to fIcking disappear and I don’t need you to believe in me anymore. Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and I’m a f*cking fool for ever thinking I was made for this this is a f*cking nightmare unfollow me.”

She also wrote:

“This sh*t ain’t for me so I’m out. Y’all take care.”

The Rapper also changed her twitter handle to: “I quit” and unfollowed everyone.

Check out the Tweets below: