Nicki Minaj responds to Remy Ma’s claims they agreed not to speak about each other

Nicki Minaj is decided to clear the air about the Remy Ma situation. 


The39-year-old rapper rushed to Instagram on Friday night to respond to Remy Ma’s statements from the Drink Champs podcast where  she  discussed her well known conflict with Nicki and how it first took her by surprise.

“Friend is such a strong word but we had conversations, regular conversations,” she told N.O.R.E. about Nicki “First of all, it’s been five years. People bring it up all the time so it seems closer but it was five years ago and I never saw that one coming, because I felt like we had a conversation with her, because I’ve been in this predicament before, where I was the girl just coming in.”

Remy further clarified: “I just always felt like anything I say, people are gonna say I’m talking about her, anything she says, people are gonna say she is talking about me. So let’s make an agreement that we never talk about each other. It’s conversations. This is not even telling her. It’s like a conversations back-and-forth. I feel like any woman should, you’re supposed to feel like you’re the sh*t. What are you supposed to do? Get on a song and be, like, ‘Yeah, I’m number 2, or I’m number 3?’ like No! You are supposed to talk like you’re that b*tch and you are the sh*t… And it was just certain shit that transpired behind the scenes, messages that I seen, that I know wasn’t fabricated. And I was just like, ‘Nah.’ It can take one moment to change somebody’s whole career. I’ve seen people where after the certain sh*t happened they’re deemed as a specific type where they was never looked at like that before and I was like ‘that ain’t gonna happen to me.”

This part of the interview got a lot of attention from fans and soon the clip started to spread all over social media platforms.

Nicki soon decided to step in and clear some thing up. The Pink Friday singer commented from her Instagram account, writing:

“He must be misunderstanding what she saying to him. Did he say? ‘This is you telling her that?’ For the record, I’ve never had this conversation with her or anyone.”

Check out the clip below:


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Remy has yet to respond to Nicki’s comment. Let us know what you think.