Joyner Lucas issues apology to Machine Gun Kelly : “I ain’t perfect”

Earlier this week Joyner Lucas went on a rant on Twitter where he aimed shots at the Lollapalooza festival for placing him way below what he deserves on their flier. Joyner complained that he had to use the microscopic lens to see his name on the ad.

During his rant, Joyner dragged Machine Gun Kelly as he believed that the rapper turned rock artist doesn’t deserve to be the headliner of the festival, he also threatened to diss MGK harder than Eminem after being provoked by fans. A day later Joyner Lucas was dropped from the Lollapalooza festival, ‘ADHD Rapper followed this by deleting his tweets and blaming it all on Russian hackers jokingly.

Now Joyner has addressed the matter seriously on Twitter “Part of being a man is admitting when you f—- up. I be getting frustrated when I feel like I’m the underdog all the time.” said Joyner admitting that “maybe I think I’m a bigger artist than what I actually am.”

Joyner officially apologized to Machine Gun Kelly as he Tweeted  As far as the @machinegunkelly shit Goes,, homie ain’t have nothing to do with my rant. Jus got caught in the cross fire of one of my bitter moments. Def sum sucka shit to come at him for nothin. I own that & I apologize. Real n—- shit. I ain’t perfect. Im growing everyday” .

@machinegunkelly did absolutely nothin to me to deserve that lame tweet” Joyner Lucas admitted. Meanwhile, MGK who recently released his album ‘Mainstream Sellout’ featuring Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Gunna and is on a South American tour currently is yet to respond to all of this.