Soulja Boy doesn’t want collab with 6ix9ine! “get out of here boy!”

Soulja Boy was the most recent guest on Raquel Harper’s podcast “It’s Tricky.” The 31-year-old rapper discussed a variety of topics, but one in particular caught Harper’s attention when she asked him if he would ever collaborate with Tekashi 6ix9ine.

For a long time, Tekashi has been labeled a “rat” and a “snitch” by the hip-hop community, and many rappers have distanced themselves from him. Soulja appears to be one of them.

“If he said: ‘Hey, you know what, I wanna rock with you, I wanna do a song with you’ what do you say to him?” asked Raquel.

“N***a Hell no,” said Soulja Boy, “Ain’t doing no damn song with you boy. Get the f*ck out of here!”  He continued: “Yeah, no we can’t do no song with 6ix9ine. He knows that. He’s not expecting to get a Soulja Boy verse. He knows that!”

The Chicago rapper decided to further clarify he’s response, saying:

“It ain’t got nothing to do with me, you know what I’m sayn. We ain’t never did a song before, why we going to do one now? You could’ve did that when you first came out, you could’ve did that the year after you came out, you could’ve did that but now you want it?! it’s too late! It’s way too late.”

Soulja Boy then revealed that the one rapper from New York he would actually like to collab with is Jay-Z.

“I need a song with Jay-Z. What’s up,” he said.

Check out the interview below: