Machine Gun Kelly fires back at haters who claim he’s newcomer to rock scene

Machin Gun Kelly recently went on The Howard Stern Show, where he discussed shifting genres and how it feels when people attack him for being new to the rock scene.

After his famed beef with Eminem, MGK switched from rap to rock. Colson has been making pop punk songs since late 2019.

MGK sat down with Howard Stern on March 30 to discuss the critics who doubt his ability to make rock music. The 31-year-old singer talked about how he constantly feels targeted by haters.

“It’s its own plague,” he said. “It’s sad. If you just broke that wall down and just talked to me you would have no reason to have any of these feeling.”

He continued by explaining that rock genre isn’t new to him and he already has roots in this industry.

“Even in the the genre that I am in now, when people act like this is like some new thing it blows my mind. You can literally look back ten years ago at rock festivals, and my name is right there on the flyer. Like we have always been in the culture. I am super confused with this, ‘Oh he’s new to the scene’. Like, f*ck you. We have been here so long, defying boxes and genres and odds.”

He also addressed those who were mocking his comment about sacrificing comfort in pursuit of ambitions. The statement comes from his Billboard interview. Fans mocked the singer since he was lounging in his mansion and talking about “giving up comfort.”

“I was f*cking platinum with two albums out, still living on a bean bag in my manager’s apartment. This was after I already had albums out. You know how much that mentally f*cks with you? … All of my money is being taken by a puppet master who is convincing me, ‘Oh, I’m here for you,’ but I’m living in a f*cking apartment on a bean bag, but meanwhile it’s like I’m about to put out a 3rd album.”

He continued: “Be happy for me, cause I’m happy for you. If I saw somebody really take ten years to finally get their moment, by the time that moment came, I’m clapping. I’m like ‘Wow, I watched you.”

Check out the clip below: