Soulja Boy calls out Lil Durk , Migos , Chief Keef and Rich The Kid for ignoring him

Soulja Boy is known for trolling on social media mostly boosting his “I did it first meme”, but just a few hours ago the 31-year-old rapper went serious on Instagram Live and addressed some issues.

Chicago-based rapper has called out his peers Lil Durk, Migos, Rich The Kid, Chief Keef, and more directly by taking their names. Soulja claims that “ I always work with artists before they pop off. ” he added while taking the rapper’s name “How many rappers i worked with before they got hot. I always do songs with these n*ggas before they famous and once they get famous i can’t even get a song from these n**as no more that’s crazy. N**a ain’t real”

Soulja Boy reminded that he did songs with Rich The Kid before he got was signed and after he got signed he also added the fact that Lil Durk’s first mixtape had a guest feature from him on the song titled ‘Eater’. He called out Lil Durk and asked “Where is my feature back at? When you was in the hood when you was unsigned i was doing songs with you for free.”


During the ending of his rant, Soulja stated that “I need no features from nobody. All i need is myself and my fans“. Soulja boy was recently asked if he will ever do a song with controversial rapper 6ix9ine to which he replied “Ain’t doing no damn song with you boy. Get the f*ck out of here!Yeah, no we can’t do no song with 6ix9ine. He knows that. He’s not expecting to get a Soulja Boy verse. He knows that!”

Watch Soulja Boy aka Big Draco’s full rant below: