Cardi B clap back on hater saying that she snitched on Dougie B

Last week Cardi B went to the Bronx neighborhood for the shoot of her music video for her upcoming collaboration ‘Shake It In The Bronx’ Remix with incarcerated rapper Kay Flock. During her video shoot, Cardi B was joined by Kay Flock’s collaborators, Drill Rappers Bory 300 and Dougie B.

18-year-old Rapper Kay Flock was absent from his own video shoot because he was arrested back in December for a first-degree murder charge for allegedly killing a 24-year-old man in Manhattan.

On Thursday afternoon which was right a day after the video shoot, Dougie B was arrested outside the Bronx courthouse. He was arrested on undisclosed charges outside of Bronx Supreme Court following a commotion in the E. 161st St. parking lot, according to police. Cops believe there was some sort of car collision and shots were fired at one point but no one was injured, according to sources.

Photo via NY Post

After this incident, the internet trolls didn’t waste no time as one user tweeted “So Cardi B snitched on Dougie b and got him arrested? Nice.”.  Cardi B fired back at the hater who has now deleted the tweet, with receipts showing that the Drill Rapper was actually arrested for shooting outside the courthouse. She also captioned the tweet with her typical Cardi response with “Go lick your Moms P**y”.

A few hours later Dougie B has been released and after his return, he took to his Instagram story and thanked Cardi B for showing support.