The Game’s next single is diss towards Eminem, says Wack 100

Exclusive information about The Game’s diss towards Eminem, including title and lyrics 

Wack 100 revealed during a recent Clubhouse session (April 3) that Game’s new track takes some heavy punches at Eminem.

“Going back-and-forth about this next Game single. This ni**a tryna start another fire,” said Wack, adding: “We startin’ a fire, the black Slim Shady is coming. That ni**a better be ready, cause this ni**a done went crazy. He coming like a mother**ker.

Wack went on to say that if Eminem takes his time replying to MGK and Nick Cannon,  Game’s diss would almost certainly get a response as well.

“If you responded to Machine Gun Kelly and Nick Cannon […] It is what it is.”

While Wack hinted that it was all in good fun, he understands that The Game and Eminem showdown would be messy, considering Slim Shady’s habit of dissing people, which also includes his mother.

“Eminem is a disrespectful ni**a man. He disrespected his own mama ,my ni**a, sh*t ,he disrespected himself. This ni**a talked about killing his baby mama, putting her in the trunk [….] If he doesn’t mind doing that to himself, ain’t no limits what he gonna do to another mother**ker,”  Wack said. “When you get in that arena with that ni**a, ain’t no boundaries with this ni**a, man. He ain’t got no boundaries with himself.”

Wack says that Marshall “better be ready” and he “better respond.” He also responded to the claims that “pocking” Eminem would get 50 Cent involved in the “beef” to which Wack 100 responded: “50 gon sit his old a** down, he don’t want no problems with Game”

Check out the clip below:

The diss will be named “The Black Slim Shady,” according to Game’s insider sources.

The exclusive information also got released about the lyrics. According to the lyrics from the diss are as follows:

“Tell Dre I’m better than every n***a he ever signed/ And if Slim Shady white, I guess I’m sniffing coke lines.”

The Game has been talking about Eminem for some time now. The Game claimed to be better than Marshall during his appearance on Drink Champs (March 5) and challenged him to a Verzuz battle.

“Eminem is Eminem. I like Eminem. He is one of the f**king good emcees […] I used to think Eminem was better than me. He’s not! He’s not! He is not! Challenge it!”

Check out the interview below: