DaBaby denies attempting to kiss a fan girl in viral video : “cap sh*t bruh”

A new viral video of the BIG BILLION DOLLAR BABY CEO DaBaby has taken over the internet and it’s very close to making the already once cancelled Rapper in deep trouble again.

The few seconds of viral footage show the Charlotte Rapper hanging outside his car’s window and sharing moments with his fans, few moments later it appears that DaBaby has attempted to kiss a fan who was standing near to him. In the clip, it seems the girl refused to DaBaby’s approach asap.

This particular moment has now gone viral on video-sharing apps as it’s projected that DaBaby tried to force himself on the girl for kissing and he’s being curved by the said fan girl. One of the users wrote blaming DaBaby for a s*xual assault “I don’t understand wtf’s wrong with this man” said the user. Another user called out him for being “weird”. Check out the reactions below:

DaBaby finally addressed the incident by sharing the clip on his Instagram story and asking sarcastically  “Who be makin this “Cap emoji” sh*t bruh“. He then followed it up with another post where he shared an older clip in which he’s sharing a similar moment with his fans he wrote “Ya’ll go ahead on man. Me and my booboos love each other to death but ain’t no kissin going on.”


DaBaby also hopped on Shaderoom’s IG comments saying that the fan was upset cause she tried to kiss her friend. Check his comments below: