Jack Harlow says young Rap Fans will respect Eminem’s music again

Louisville Rapper Jack Harlow is currently on a rollout for his sophomore album ‘Come Home, Kids Miss You” and has landed on the cover of RollingStone Magazine. On his cover story the Rapper has spoken about how his upcoming album is a masterpiece, inspiring a new generation , getting co-sign from Kendrick Lamar, and more.

Jack also discussed his idol and one of the greatest to do it Eminem getting criticism from the Young Rap Fans. The 23-year-old emcee says that Eminem getting criticism for the music and his beats is tragic because “that s— is still forever immortal, and we’re gonna get back to it. We’re a couple years away from everyone reviving that as a culture and being like, ‘Look at this.’ And everyone’s gonna pay their rightful respects again. No matter how the production ages to people, like, he put so much into his words that it immortalized him, even though that aged as ‘circus music’ to [some] people.

Eminem has received his fair share of criticism for picking beats on his albums as many rap listeners have labeled it as “outdated” or “out of touch”. Em has shown in his previous album ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ that he can keep up with current-gen of producers as he worked with producers like D.A. Got That Dope, T-Minus, and more.

Speaking on his own album ‘Come Home, The Kids Miss You’ which is scheduled to arrive May 6 , Jack says he’s finally got the production he was seeking since his younger age “I’m making the music I wanted to make my whole life. The production I’m working on is what I’ve been asking producers I was in the room with since I was 12 and 13. ‘I want this,’ and they wouldn’t quite hit the mark. Or they do it and turns into a trap beat. Finally, I’m getting exactly what I’m looking for out of production,