Rick Ross reveals Kanye West discarded his original verse for ‘Devil In a New Dress”

Kanye West’s pursuit for perfection isn’t hidden from anyone. The iconic Hip Hop artist has tons of unreleased music which includes a few albums that were announced or recorded but will never see the light of the day just because of Yeezy’s need for perfectionism.

One of the stories has been broken today of the recording session of Kanye’s undisputable masterpiece ‘My Beautiful Dark Fantasy’ as rapper Rick Ross joined LeBron James for ‘The Shop’ podcast with Gunna. Rick Ross revealed how the studio session of collaborating with Yeezy for his song ‘Devil In A New Dress’ went.

Soon as i heard it (track) i wrote a verse to it” said Rick Ross who revealed that the first few verses he wrote weren’t what we have heard in the official version of the song, “I wrote two or three verses just to let Kanye hear the vibe. I told him this the verse right here. This the verse i want Rick Ross told Kanye who went outside for an hour and then came back telling Ross almost refusing to add the verse to the song saying to Rick Ross “Rozay I know you..this verse right here you could..” Rick Ross says this was the first time anyone

This response from Kanye made Ross to rewrote the verse we have heard on the song as he adds in the interview it was the first time anyone told him “you could go harder” and it might arguably be his best. Rick Ross reflected on this incident praising Kanye “He’s gonna challenge you to me be great and make sure everybody that’s in the room with you great. You have to challenge and just not accept”

Back in 2010 in an interview with MTV, Rick Ross told that the recording for his verse was done right before the day the album was supposed to be turned in to the label. ” I think that pressure just made it that much more special to me” said Ross.