Fivio Foreign and 6ix9ine exchange comments over “King Of New York” title

6ix9ine has returned on social media this week and has been teasing his comeback single which is supposedly dropping coming Friday i.e. 15th April. On his Instagram post where the controversial rapper from NY shared a snippet of his song added in the caption “IM THE KING OF NEW YORK THIS MY CITYYYYYYYYY BROOKLYN 🗣🗣🗣 GINÈ GINE 🌈🌈 AND I STILLLLL DIDNT GET TOUCHEDDDDDDD“.

This proclamation made by 6ix9ine didn’t sit well with fellow New York drill Rapper Fivio Foreign who has just released his debut album ‘B.I.B.L.E’ immediately addressed it with a tweet by listing his achievements this year alone  (now deleted)

“5 Billboards in Times Square, Top 5 songs in NY on Apple at once & articles in both Daily News & NY Times…Don’t ever let that n**a say he the king of this city”

Fivio has declared himself King Of New York in his recent collaboration ‘City Of Gods’ featuring Kanye West & Alicia Keys as he rapped “Pop was the king of New York, now I’m the n**a in charge”.

Meanwhile, as expected 6ix9ine made disrespectful comments referring to Fivio Foreign’s late friend as a response to Fivio’s tweet as he hopped under DJ Akademiks Instagram post and commented sarcastically Didn’t his best friend just got shot in his head a month ago? He worried about Billboards n Times Squares”.

6ix9ine here is referring to drill rapper TDott Woo who was shot dead in Brooklyn in February. Paying homage to his late friend who was just 22 years old at the time of his passing, Fivio wrote on his Instagram “Imma miss you forever baby boy 💙 You was the prince of this city. Long Live Prince T Dot. I love you gang. Like forever watch over me like you always do”.