Fivio Foreign reveals Beyonce made him change vulgar lyrics from his Destiny Child’s sampled song

Drill Rapper Fivio Foreign has just dropped his debut album ‘B.I.B.L.E.’ which included some heavy hitters features like Ye (who also co-produced the album) , Quavo, Alicia Keys, Asap Rocky, DJ Khaled & more.

Fivio sat down with Hot 97 hosts Pete Rosenberg, Ebro, and Laura Stylez to discuss his debut effort where he also revealed how sampling a classic song cost him to change his lyrics. Fivio Foreign has sampled R&B Destiny’s Child’s number 1 hit song ‘Say My Name’ on the fifth track ‘What’s My Name’ which features Queen Naija and Coi Leray.


At 5 minutes 60 seconds mark Fivio reveals he has to clean up the lyrics for getting sampling clearance from Beyonce who was one of the members of the group. “She heard it. It was a little vulgar for her at first. I cleaned it a lot. She was like you can’t be talking about girls like that” tells Fivio about Beyonce approaching him while also giving a shoutout to Destiny’s Child for clearing the sample at last. He also said that later publishing head for Beyonce’s music, Big John called Fivio and told him “It’s a bigger record now that it’s cleared”

Fivio previewed this song a few weeks before releasing the album and asked fans which artists they wanted to hear on the track. Initially the pre-chorus of the song was:

“Fuck a partition, I’m fuckin’ her raw in the back seat, uh (Huh)
A lot on her mind, she doin’ her thing, her head gon’ relax me (Uh)
Dive in that pussy, breaststroke
Give me that uh, deepthroat
Throw her in mission, gag bitch
Respectfully, keep goin’, tell her she better”

in the album version, Fivio changed the lyrics after Beyonce’s interference to:

Fuck a partition, come ride with the boss in the back seat, uh
A lot on my mind, I don’t wanna think, she come and relax me, huh
Divin’ at the water, breaststroke
Tell me your thoughts, Peep Show
Now on a mission, don’t stop
Respectfully (Come on), so she better “

Watch the full interview below: