The Game claims 50 Cent didn’t put him on while speaking with Fat Joe

The Game appeared on Fat Joe’s Instagram live, where he discussed a variety of topics, including his long-running feud with 50 Cent. During the conversation, the Compton rapper discussed his relationship with G-unit and denied that Fifty put him on in his early career.

“I was in a group with those n***as, but I wasn’t breaking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in half with G-unit,” he said. “I didn’t see them n***as until it was time to work. So I didn’t grow up to them, I grew up to Fat Joe music. On Pun, on Terror Squad. Cuban Link, like, I was locked in. When I first started smoking w**d, it was to Cuban Link’s album.”


The Game continued: “A lot of people are like ‘N***a, Fifty put you on.’ No, Fifty did not put me on! People do not understand that, at that time in L.A., I was it. I was the n***a. That’s why Jimmy Iovine took me, and told Fifty he was putting me in G-Unit. And Fifty accepted because n***a my name was ringing bells in the streets of hip-hop. I was already on! So, it didn’t matter if I signed with Diddy, or Irv, or whoever the f*ck. I was still gonna be Game!”

The 42-year-old rapper clarified that he isn’t dismissing that 50 Cent was a factor in his early success but he wasn’t what put him on.

“I am not saying that Aftermath and Dre and Fifty and those n***as didn’t help, because that is my story. But if I were to sign with Terror Squad, n***a I would still be the Game. There’s no doubt about it!”

Check out the video below:

The Game also addressed the viral clip that surfaced on internet past week where he walked past and ignored Jimmy Iovine, claiming that he “didn’t see him.”

“Jimmy was walking with a little hat on and just looked like a regular little white dude. I didn’t know that was Jimmy Iovine,” said Game.