The Game diminishes Eminem’s ‘Rap God’ Status, says 50 Cent can’t Rap

The Game has appeared on Uproxx ‘s upcoming series ‘Fresh Pair’ where he sat down with producer Just Blaze to discuss his ongoing one-sided feud with Eminem.

A couple of weeks ago The Game’s manager Wack 100 revealed that the westcoast emcee has prepared a diss record for Eminem which is apparently titled ‘Black SlimShady’ and claimed “The Game is tryna start a fire” with the record  . Now The Game has talked in detail himself why he’s planning to go against Eminem.

I’ve always told myself that ‘you are the best rapper!” said The Game while bringing out the fact that many people call Eminem the Rap God and believe that nobody can go against him “I don’t feel like he’s better than me. I just feel like a Rap God where? At one point i did (believe he is better than me) cause i was signed to Aftermath and i’m loyal. Interscope and Em’s career had me thinking he is better than everybody”

“I don’t care if you are richer , i don’t care if you got more plaques. I don’t care who thinks you are great n**a i’m better today and if i’m not then get up and let’s rap/ All i wana do is rap , i ain’t come here for fight “. The Game referenced Eminem’s old feud with Machine Gun Kelly and Mariah Carey , Nick Cannon You did it with MGK why not me? You did it with Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon?

Just Blaze asked The Game why he’s going after Eminem he didn’t do nothing to him to which Game responded that “50 Cent can’t Rap. So I gotta go a level up and challenge the better rapper, that’s why. And not to take nothing away from what 50’s doing,” The Game also added about 50 Cent implying that he’s not his competiton anymore when it comes to Rap “When it comes to rap, he can’t out-rap me. Your buddy can rap though, and nobody takes shots at Eminem off this preconceived notion that he’s better than everybody. Well, I want action and I want it today.

Watch the full clip below: