Lil Durk is shooting next music video with his look-alike

Just last week Chicago-based Rapper Lil Durk’s look-alike who goes by the name Shmurkio ( a play on Durk’s own nickname Smurkio or Smurk) on social media was trending all over the internet for shutting down a mall.

Shmurkio and his team planned the prank and had some fans really believing that it was real Lil Durk as many came forward to take photos and selfies with the look-alike of the star Rapper. Since then Shmurkio has amassed quite a following on his Tik-Tok and Instagram as Star Rapper Durk himself acknowledged him which obviously helped boost his clout.

Durk shared a TikTok clip of his lookalike on his IG post and asked “OMG What Happen To Smurk” a playful nod to his own song “What Happened To Virgil”.

Now it seems Lil Durk is giving much more than shoutouts to Shmurkio as the 29-year-old rapper took to his Instagram earlier today and shared a few seconds of clip to announce that the look-alike, whom he has given new nickname ‘Perkio’, will now be appearing on the rapper’s upcoming music video ‘Block List’ which will be directed by his frequent collaborator Jerry Productions. Durk claimed it will be the biggest shit of 2022.

‘Block List’ appears on Durk’s first solo number one album ‘7220’, so far music videos for the tracks ‘AHHH HAA’ , ‘Petty Too’ and What Happened To Virgil’ have already been released. Check out a teaser from ‘Block List’ feat. Shmurkio aka Perkio below: