6ix9ine sends ‘Slide 4 Von’ message to Lil Durk on new music video ‘Gine’

Controversial Rapper 6ix9ine has finally made his return today with the new song titled ‘GINE’. In the song’s music video at the 1:24 minute mark Tekashi has sent a message to his rival Lil Durk.

While he raps “Your man got shot and you made a diss track / Go get a gun and get some get-back/ Your man got shot, he not coming back” a message pops up on the screen saying ‘Slide 4 Von’. This phrase is directly aimed at Lil Durk who lost his friend and associate King Von back in 2020.

On Thursday evening 6ix9ine took to his Instagram where he flexed his cash, expensive watches, and custom-made cars. While counting the cash kept under the trunk of his car, 69 made subtle remarks at Durk saying “Go look at somebody’s net worth real quick. Somebody who didn’t slide for their men.

Few hours before the release of the song and music video 6ix9ine has also sent a message to his fans saying that don’t compare his new release to other Rappers’ releases because he is blackballed by streaming platforms’ playlists, radio stations, and also major outlets don’t promote his music. “For me to compete i have to fight ten times harder” wrote the New York-based Rapper.

Watch the ‘GINE’ music video below: