Fivio Foreign exposes 6ix9ine for capping ; 6ix9ine calls him “Fraud”

New York Drill Rapper Fivio Foreign has finally addressed 6ix9ine who has been frequently going at him for the past week. 6ix9ine has previously called out Fivio for worrying about Billboards and promo. He also mocked the Rapper’s album ‘B.I.B.L.E’s first-week sales.

A few hours ago Fivio Foreign hopped on IG Live as he addressed 6ix9ine and called out the ‘Gine’ Rapper for calling himself “King Of New York”, “If numbers determined King Of New York, Hov will be King Of New York, Biggie Smalls will be King Of New York. You know what numbers don’t determine if you’re King Of New York what determines king of New York is how many people wanna follow you, how many people wanna do a hairstyle like you, how many people wanna dance with you, how many people wanna be around you, how many people wanna f&ck with you” said Fivio Foreign.

Later Fivio Foreign called out 6ix9ine  for not lying in his songs N—a is doing drill raps to opps that don’t exist. It just seemed real cause n—a is beefing with rappers. Who is the n—a really dissing?. He also explains why he can’t diss 6ix9ine “ I can’t diss none of the n—s dead homies, cause n**a don’t have no dead homie. what do I say to a n—a like that? It’s all cap!”

After the clip of Fivio Foreign got shared on Akademik’s page as usual 6ix9ine hopped on the comments and called Fivio Foreign a 40-Year-old fraud and called him out for jacking WOO.

Check out the clip and 6ix9ine’s response below: