Tekashi 6ix9ine tells judge he’s broke and the money he’s flaunting is props

King Of New York or King Of Trolling? 6ix9ine has once again started his antics as his latest statement to a judge comes to the public thanks to TMZ.

Last week 6ix9ine posted on his Instagram that he’s richer than Rapper “who are yet to slide for their men”. In the clip the controversial New York Rapper walked in with tons of cash and threw it on the floor then he followed to flaunt his expensive watches saying that they are worth a house each.

He didn’t stop there as he opened the trunk of his custom-made car took out the cash from inside and started counting it up to atleast $1.3 million claiming that it’s worth a Rapper’s net worth. Now according to TMZ, 6ix9ine is claiming that all the cash he flashed in that 3 minutes clip is just “prop money” and he’s actually broke. He still owes $1 million to robbery victims in the criminal case where he snitched on ex-friends to get a reduced sentence.

6ix9ine has also told TMZ that he doesn’t know why everyone’s blaming him for his beef with Lil Durk and Fivio Foreign, he’s not the one trying to stoking the flames and — love him or hate him — he’s just trying to finish the feuds others have started with him.

In the new song Gine he explicitly raps clearly aimed at Lil Durk ““Your man got shot and you made a diss track / Go get a gun and get some get-back/ Your man got shot, he not coming back”.