Snoop Dogg explains why rappers diss Eminem, “They poke the bear”

Snoop Dogg made an appearance on the Full Send podcast where he talked about the “trend” going around of rapper throwing shots at Eminem.


During an interview, the host stated that Eminem doesn’t do much anymore, to which Snoop replied:

“He do what he has to do… I think, when you have been the biggest rapper in the world for so many years it is like, ‘what more can you do?!’ He is finding his moments now. Finding when he wants to come and when he wants to drop and pop because his fanbase ain’t going nowhere.”

Following that, he shared his opinions on rappers that criticize Eminem. Snoop explained that rappers target Marshal in order to gain attention because they know that dissing Slim Shady would get people talking .

“They know he’s sitting in the shell right now and what they gonna do is make him pop that motherf*cking shell open”, he said. “People take shots at rappers like that because that rapper is invisible for the moment, but that is the way to getting back visible, when you start poking the bear. He still is who he is. Do not get it fu*ked up. [….]  You poke the bear with your nails, you get your nails broke.”

Check out the interview below: