Rick Ross finally gifts Tory Lanez a smart car as both reunite

Tory Lanez and Rick Ross went back and forth with each other a couple of years back when Ross called out the Canadian singer/rapper for releasing his 2020 album ‘DAYSTAR’ the same day as the Breonna Taylor protests erupted.

Ross called out Tory for releasing his post-Megan Thee Stallion shooting album ‘DAYSTAR’, and he said “poor decision brother dropping that project. This is out of respect for Breonna Taylor. You gotta respect these sisters“. Rick Ross also mocked DAYSTAR’s first week sales claiming that he has brought a smart for Tory cause his album got double acrylic on Datpiff. Tory later mentioned Rick Ross buying a car for him and said “this n**ga still ain’t give me the car”.

Both Rappers also called out each other for not showing enough support for Breonna Taylor’s protests back then.

It seems like both of them have now settled their differences as they linked up recently in Las Vegas. A video clip which was shared on Rick Ross’ Instagram story can be seen both enjoying their time together as Tory announced “word to belaire. we finally got the smart car”. Ross too gave a shoutout to Tory saying “aye ya’ll already know what it is. Glad to see lil bro”