Pusha T reveals he’s banned from entering Canada

As we have seen in the past Rap beef repercussions have no limits. One of the major Rap wars in recent times involving the superstar Drake and one of the illest lyricists Pusha T has an effect on the latter even though most hip-hop listeners have sided with him.

During his recent sit down with Drink Champs hosts N.O.R.E and DJ Effn Push revealed he is banned from his nemesis Drake’s country Canada. According to Pusha T, it all started four years ago after his hard-hitting diss ‘The Story Of Adidon’ was released. Hosts jokingly asked Push if he asked previous President Donald Trump to  help lift the ban to which the ‘It’s Almost Dry’ rapper replied “I didn’t ask him nothing

Pusha-T referred to the incident that happened back in November 2018 in Toronto when certain people jumped into the stage while Pusha was performing. Pusha’s show was halted, as he blamed Drake for hiring people to attack him.

I went to my show. There was rowdy people at the show. I didn’t even get to perform the song ( Story Of Adidon). I got on..i got on my waysaid Pusha T of the incident which had him banned from Canada in his latest chat at Drink Champs.

N.O.R.E then shared his thought that’s next level game that you got a n**a banned from the country. After being asked if he would squash the beef Push made it clear “There’s nothing for me to squash. I have done it all. I’m finished‘.

Notably, Pusha T doesn’t have any shots aimed at Drake on his latest album ‘It’s Almost Dry’ which was also his first number album on the Billboard Charts.