Jack Harlow explains viral Vogue interview with Emma Chamberlain

There were a number of hip-hop stars at this year’s Met Gala. With its stylish theme of the Gilded Age, celebrities and designers were given the opportunity to explore the iconic fashion of one of the glamorous eras, and while certain red carpet looks will linger in the public consciousness for a few weeks longer, the internet has generally moved on except for one truly iconic moment.

Jack Harlow stole the night with his interview with Vogue. The Kentucky rapper was caught flirting with the interviewer, a 20-year-old influencer named Emma Chamberlain. The two made small talk while answering typical interview questions, but the best part came at the end, when Harlow told Emma, “I love you.” This scene, and especially Emma’s reaction, became viral on the internet.

See the clip below:

Today (May 10), Jack appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where he addressed the viral moment.

“That’s like the piece of art because there’s so many ways to interpret that,” he said. “Everyone has a different take on what was going on through her head. So, I’ll leave it up to interpretation.”

Jack also explained that he only ends interviews with “I love you” if he truly feels that way, adding, “I have a lot of warmth to share.”

During the conversation, Harlow also discussed getting cast in a new film. If you didn’t already know, Jack Harlow will portray Woody Harrelson’s character, Billy Hoyle, in the remake of “White Man Can’t Jump.”

“I had heard about it. I knew how iconic it is [The Movie], and then when I got the offer I was like ‘Hmm, I should watch it,” he said. “I watched it and I see why it’s classic… I’m excited.”

Check out the interview below: