David Beckham remembers his reaction to Jay-Z name-dropping him on “Wake Up.”

Complex has recently dropped a new Sneakers Shopping episode with David Beckham.The legendary football player goes sneaker shopping while talking about various aspects of his career. One of the subjects discussed during the interview was Missy Elliot’s popular song “Wake Up,” featuring Jay-Z.

In the track, Hov mentions the English player. The lyrics read:

“I kick game just like David Beckham”

The interviewer asks David what he thought of the reference, to which he answers:

“You know hearing Jay say something like that in one of his songs for me was kind of the best moment,” said Beckham. “I’ve always been fan of Jay and obviously spent time with him over the years but to hear him actually say [that] in one of his songs for me was [the best moment].”

You can see the full interview below:

Jay-Z and David Beckham have been friends for quite some time. The former football player even has one of Jigga’s quotes tattooed on his hand that reads:

“Dream big, be unrealistic.”


Back in 2014, the famous pair was even photographed enjoying a football game together while talking and laughing.