Jack Harlow drops hot freestyle over Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” beat

Jack Harlow threw some verses over the instrumental for Snoop Dogg and Pharrell’s 2004 smash song “Drop It Like It’s Hot” for L.A. Leakers freestyle with Power 106. This is Jack’s third freestyle appearance on the show. “I’ve been saying all week this is the best rap beat of all time,” he noted.

Harlow began his verse by stating that he doesn’t fit in or seek validation from anyone.  The 24-year-old rapper spits:

“I’m not depressed  enough for most of y’all / I cant relate my life ain’t close to y’alls / I’m in the penthouse playin house y’all / I’ll let you in and show you around cause I like showing off.”

The Kentucky heartthrob also rapped about his love for females. Jack is well-known for his flirty demeanor, which has become his trademark.

“My girls are tanner skin be lotion soft/ We on some freak sh*t it’d be gross to y’all / I love a lot of sh*t but it’s the ladies most of all / I write the songs I hope they know the songs.”

The First Class rapper goes all-in on the second verse.

“Looking around at my gen, wondering who really matching my pen / I keep on showing up and y’all boys just absent again / Dropping them joints and she got a new set of captions / Y’all don’t got passion, you just be wearing the fashion that’s in / I used to beg for acceptance, don’t plan on asking again / I let some things go unnoticed but that won’t happen again.”

Check out the full clip below: