The Game says nobody is playing Eminem’s music in “clubs” and “streets”

The Game has once again reignited his tirade against Dr. Dre and Eminem in a recent sit down at All The Smoke podcast. To rewind the story, the Westcoast emcee started calling out Eminem a few months ago, and went on to challenge him for a battle saying that he’s a better lyricist than Detroit Rap icon.

On the topic of him challenging Eminem the podcast hosts tell The Game that nobody is listening to Eminem in their neighborhood in their car but we ride to you. The Game then takes that argument forward and asks When have you heard  Eminem song in the club? when have you ever heard that shit in locker room when n***as is like “yo this is new Em i’m about to go crazy” .Game continue asking “I’m not taking away from him i don’t hear Eminem in the streets..i just don’t! I’m not saying he can’t rap skill set is there ..i’m just the better rapper”

The Game who was once in the same label Aftermath/Interscope went ahead claiming that “I just haven’t been given the light he has been given. I could have been pushed to Eminem height 50 got pushed to those heights”.

Earlier during the chat The Game also explained why he made the much talked about statement at Drinks Champ “Kanye did more for me in the last two weeks than Dr. Dre ever did..As much as Dre did for me i did for him…conversations i had with Ye the billionaire mindset that he put me in. Dre never put me in those rooms”.

Watch the full interview below: