Kanye West was originally working on Future’s hit song ‘Wait 4 U’

We have heard many stories in the music industry about how a hit song was originally meant for other artists. A similar story has popped out of the most recent hit collaboration between Future, Drake, and rising Nigerian singer ‘Tems’ ‘WAIT 4 U’. The number hit song is from Atlanta’s star Future’s latest album ‘I NEVER LIKED YOU’.

One of the co-producers of the track ATL Jacob discussed meeting with the iconic producer/Rapper Kanye West and Ye’s favorite song being ‘WAIT 4 U’ way before it landed on Future’s album, Jacob reveals he and Kanye “were trying some stuff together but let’s just say we didn’t get to the point where we actually finished WAIT 4 U”.

ATL Jacob ended up finishing the records on the Donda 2 cut ‘Pablo‘ and Future’s ‘Keep It Burning‘ for Kanye West instead ‘WAIT 4 U’. In an interview last month ATL Jacob revealed how Future ended up taking the track eventually from him “about a year ago. I just knew it was a vibe. I was like, “This is hard,” and I knew I was going to give it to Future. Then he skipped it. But we were talking the other day when we were at Drake’s house, and he said he skipped it because he knew it was one of his favorites.”

Watch the full interview below:

‘WAIT 4 U’ ended up being Future’s first-ever number one song as a lead artist and as well as Nigerian singer Tems first #1. In a tweet, Future revealed that he gave feature credit to Tems who didn’t originally record the song but it’s her sample from her own song titled ‘Higher’.