21 Savage on helping Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy squash their beef : “ain’t no trying”

NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk’s infamous beef has lasted for quite a long time now. There are few rappers who are cool with both sides and 21 Savage is one of them.

During a recent appearance at Math Hoffa’s podcast Atlanta, based rapper 21 Savage was discussing being nice to people who are having problems with each other, Savage responds to this with “I’m gonna try to squash it first..I’m gonna try to figure out a way for them to get rid of the problem cause i ain’t no fake n**a”.

He was then asked “How does that work with Durk and YoungBoy?” to which 21 immediately shakes his head as his manager Meezy says “They two men gotta figure out on their own..certain stuff are deeper than we even have anything to say about it”.

21 Savage was again asked if he even tried to squash the beef between the two, “Certain stuff ..you don’t try..you just know like ain’t no trying”. The host then brings up Tupac and Biggie’s beef in the late 90s to which 21 quickly asked If Snoop Dogg ever tried to squash the beef between them?. You can watch the full conversation below:

21 Savage has previously said in an interview with DJ Akademiks that due to their beef lot of people in the music industry are not going to f–k with NBA YoungBoy cause they f–k with Lil Durk.